The Quick Business Checkpoint

I’ve been in many senior leadership meetings and they can struggle to see the wood for the trees. The quick business checkpoint is designed to be a simple framework to see your business as 9 areas and get a balanced view of the internal and external enablers on a single page

You can take the templates and adjust them to the terminology and structure of your organisation. We used this with one scale-up to give structure to the board reports, and make sure that the business didn’t get unbalanced as it drove for growth.

The Word Template and the PowerPoint template give you the resources to have a one page summary:

  • What is the status – Red, Amber, Green. This allows you to manage by exception
  • The status – typically, what has been achieved in the last period
  • What does good look like – what are you aiming for, or your quarterly targets
  • Areas to work on – how to develop for advantage, or how to close the gap to green
  • Measure of success – the 2-3 key metrics and the current status

With the whole business on a single page, you can then look at the different areas and priorities and decide what needs to be tackled when. It makes it clearer to see the impacts of one area on another.

If you develop a canvas every reporting period (e.g. monthly / quarterly), you can then see the progress of delivery and maturity of the business.

You can download the templates here, rebrand them as you wish, and all we ask is that you put “Adapted from” somewhere on the page.

You can find more instructions on the word template with examples of how to fill in each section

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