Every Business grows through 5 stages of growth

    • Each stage has key decisions that with decide if it will grow, plateau or wither
    • The key one is moving from start-up to growth, where the foundations of the long-term business are placed

It is this point where the culture, processes, and product function need to be matured so that the business can weather 3 existential questions:

    • Question #1  –  “What would we do if we could no longer sell our product?”
    • Question #2  -  “What kind of startup would make us obsolete?”
    • Question #3 – “Can we adapt and deliver, consistently?

Without a maturing Product function …

    • Is customer feedback clearly captured, collated and flow into the product in time?
    • Is the roadmap, functionality and cost of development aligned with the business cashflow and strategic needs?
    • Is there a clear and simple way to capture and prioritise innovation?
    • Are launch dates getting missed?
    • Are there disconnects, bicking and blame between departments as ‘product’ falls through the gaps?
    • Is money and time being wasted in inefficient meetings or a mismatch of personality types?

The Product Function Checkup gives a hard look, a mirror to the business,

  • It reviews takes 5 core themes of a good product function, and looks the metrics, tools, processes, behaviours, organisation and link to strategy.
  • It explores the maturity of the processes, connections, and tools acknowledging the unique circumstances of each business.


This review gives you practical steps to help you achieve your plans:

  1. A clear understanding of the current state of product management & delivery
  2. An actionable plan tailored to your unique circumstances
  3. Assessment of the barriers and inhibitors to achieving the growth/change you are after
  4. Guidance on how to embed this in your organisation