Our goal is to help you build your product capability, and that means having a board (or near board) role to drive the portfolio and capability to deliver against the portfolio.

Driving up the maturity of the product capability is not a one time event. A diagnostic identifies what to change, but how do you develop whilst also delivering the business. This is where a part-time Chief Product Officer comes to play. Having set direction, we embed the change by empowering the team through:

  • Making Meetings Matter – coaching for productive decision making, by connecting the flow of meetings and governance, dealing with personality types, and ensuring the data & evidence for decisions is at the right level at the right time
  • Driving process maturity – releasing time to think, by embedding standard repeatable processes for innovation, customer feedback, feature choice, and implementation into the business, using the tools that streamline the work
  • Accountability for outcomes – working at board level to continuously link strategy and finances to the product portfolio
  • Innovation for growth – shaping the portfolio to be resilient to market trends, and agile enough to capture emergent opportunities
  • Balance of big pictre and detailed delivery – working from board to operational level.

Often organisations cannot afford this role full time, whilst building up the team, so a part-time product director can work with the senior leadership team in building capability, skills, and drive for the product, whilst imparting that skill and knowledge into the team. This can be a kick start role – to help launch the first product, or a enhancement role to build up skills of another member of the team who will take on the role in future, or working with a technical product lead to see the bigger picture, so they can focus on product delivery.