We believe that training doesn’t come from just attending a 5 day course, nor from just reading a good book. It’s a mixture of personal development and team development. It a mixture of knowledge and behavioural change. It’s from learning from peers in a managed environment, not just networking. We work with you to identify the work and personal lifestyle you want with the income target you desire and then support you through the journey to achieve this – through training, coaching, peer support and accountability.

We focus on two key senior roles:

This group is for the CEO, MD or founder of businesses of the scale of £5-£100m turnover, and around 25-300 people. It’s where you believe in personal development and this is the springboard for developing the leadership and the business. It’s where you’re willing to invest time in yourself those changes in behaviour that will make a real difference, and use coaching to effect that change. This is not a training event but a tailored journey so that you, your life-style and your business can purposefully grow.

This group is for people who wish to move from a senior position in a mid to large corporate and develop the skills to be a part-time executive supporting a number of small to mid size business grow and develop. You may look to become a part time Finance Director, IT Director, Product Director or HR director. This is not to just do interim or contract work but be hands on shaping an growing a portfolio of customers as your develop your own business.